Stellar Photos in your browser tabs.

Stellar brings hi-res images from Unsplash to your browser tabs. Free and open source.

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Stellar Photos extension

Main Features

Beautiful photos in every tab

Open a new tab to see a beautiful high-resolution photo from Unsplash. Each image is specially curated and guaranteed to be stunning each time.

Customise the frequency at which new images are refreshed and the collections they are pulled from. Replace the default Stellar Photos collection with your own preferred collections.

Change image resolution to suit your monitor display. Stellar supports all kinds of displays from regular 1080p laptops to huge 4k monitors.

Stellar Photos extension

Download your favourites

Unsplash images are free to download and use in whatever way you want. Stellar makes it easy to download an image to your local filesystem so that it may be used as a background image (or anything else).

You can also connect a cloud service such as Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox, and sync the photos there making them available on any device that you own instantly.

Photo showing an image being downloaded from Stellar Photos

Search over 1 million hi-res photos

With Stellar's search feature, you can find any image from Unsplash's over 1 million hi-res images. Each image can be downloaded directly from image directly search results or synchronised to your preferred cloud storage.

Stellar Photos image search page

Customise from your history

Stellar retains the images from the last 10 tabs you opened. This makes it easy to find a previous background image anytime. You can change the current background image to any of the entries in the history or download them from there.

When you update your new tab from the history, the background is paused and no new images are loaded until you unpause it. This control allows you to retain your favourite image as the new tab image for as long as you want.

Stellar Photos extension showing previous background images

Say Goodbye To Boring Browser Defaults.

Stellar Photos is free of charge and always will be.

Stellar for Google Chrome

Download the Stellar Photos extension from the Google Chrome Webstore (also for other Chromium browsers like Brave or Vivaldi)

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Stellar for Microsoft Edge

Download the Stellar Photos extension from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store

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Stellar for Mozilla Firefox

Download the Stellar Photos extension from the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons store

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